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Is Acupuncture painful?
The sensation when the needle breaks the skin is more of a scratch or a tiny prick, but seldom pain. Once the needle is inserted, the Acupuncturist needs to stimulate it slightly to attract Qi to the point and activate it. This may cause a tingling or aching sensation for a second or two, and then it settles. While the needles are in for approximately 20 minutes, most patients feel relaxed and even sleepy.

What can Acupuncture help?
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What can Chinese Herbs help?
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What if I am taking medicines from my doctor?
It is advisable to inform your doctor that you are having Acupuncture or Chinese Herbs. It may be possible to reduce or even stop some types of medication, but your doctor should always be consulted regarding these changes. Your Acupuncturist needs to know about any medications you are taking, as this may affect your response to treatment, and must be considered when herbs are prescribed.

How many treatments will I need?
Most people have a course of treatment involving four to six sessions, but this varies depending on the individual patient. Some chronic conditions need ongoing treatment at monthly intervals for example, whereas an acute problem can be resolved more quickly. Other patients have seasonal preventative treatments purely to enhance their wellbeing and improve their resistance to illness.

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