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"I didn't know what to expect when I consulted Linda, as I have never tried alternative medicine before. On my first visit Linda put me at ease and after a lengthy consultation she prescribed a combination of herbs and acupuncture. After several visits I am delighted to say that my symptoms have reduced considerably, and I have every confidence that there will be a successful outcome."
GB, Cheltenham

"Thank you, Linda – I didn't know if acupuncture could help with (my condition), but I wanted to find a way to reduce the number of painkillers I was taking. I am very pleased I have achieved this with regular acupuncture sessions over the last 5 months. I love the pain relief it gives me and the fewer painkillers I now take means there are fewer side effects."
RS, Cheltenham

"Linda's true depth of experience and her approach have given me a very positive experience with acupuncture. My treatment left me feeling extremely balanced and has been hugely successful. I will always consider acupuncture now as a form of treatment (delete text) or just for relaxation and balance. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone."
ER, Cheltenham
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